Creative Producer

The creative producer of an independent film is generally the person who begins the process of making a movie.  The creative producer is a person has the ability to focus on one thing – the making of the independent film.  From the time the creative producer decides that he or she wants to make the independent film through development; pre-production; production; post-production; distribution; and exhibition in all markets, the creative producer will be devoted to his or her independent film.

First on the agenda is to decide what type of business entity to use for the creative producer’s production company.  Once the business entity is formed, the creative producer will then be able to make a deal for the screenplay or other literary material that the independent film will be based on or go out and find a screenplay or other literary material that the creative producer feels would make a great independent film.

Once this is done, the creative producer will then develop the script with the screenwriter or find a screenwriter to adapt other literary material (e.g. novel, life story, play, etc.) into a screenplay.  This can be in conjunction with finding a director (if the creative producer is not a director).

With a screenplay and a director, the creative producer can then create the budget and schedule for the independent film.  With that and some key art (posters), the creative producer can begin raising money (although that can start at any time) after making sure the creative producer has meet all legal requirements.

After the money is raised, the creative producer will effectively be the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of the filmmaking process.  The creative producer, with the advice of the director, will then cast the film, hiring the best actors for the roles and then will then begin the process of hiring all essential personnel for the  making of the independent film and do everything that’s necessary to begin making the independent film. This is known as pre-production.

Once pre-production is completed, production (filming) of the independent film begins.  The creative producer will make sure that everything is provided so that the director can make a great independent film.  After production is completed, the independent film will enter the phase known as post-production, which includes editing the film (film editor); special effects; sound editing; music (composer); dubbing; and anything else that is needed to get the independent film ready for exhibition (theaters) and all other areas of distribution of the independent film.

While this is all going on, the creative producer will be developing the marketing campaign for the independent film (in conjunction with a distributor if the creative producer has found one or for use later after the creative producer has found a distributor) which will involve trailers; television; the internet; and other areas of marketing.

When the independent film is completed; a distributor is found; the independent film distributed and exhibited and sales/licensing to all other markets for the independent film has been completed, the creative producer can take a few minutes off and rest. And then it’s on to the next independent film.

In all areas that have been mentioned such as creating a business entity; development; pre-production; post-production; distribution; marketing; and exhibition, there are important legal issues to be dealt with and contracts to be written.  As a creative producer, you need an experienced entertainment attorney to handle this for you.

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