Directors Guild Membership Requirements

The Directors Guild Membership Requirements are as follows: To join the Directors Guild of America (DGA), you have to be hired in a DGA covered category (examples: Director, Feature Films, Director, Commercial, Unit Production Manager) by a DGA signatory and your employer has to send the DGA your deal memo or commercial project listing form (“CPLF”). You cannot obtain a membership application from the MBA at your request.

After you complete filling out your membership application (which requires endorsements from three DGA members in your application category, your resume and brief bio, and other information) along with the required initiation fee (examples currently: Director, Feature Films $10,382.00, Unit Production Manager, $9,588.00, First Assistant Director, $9,118.00), it will be submitted to a Council of DGA members in your category to determine if you have met the directors guild membership requirements.

Once your membership is approved (your DGA membership beginning date is the start date listed on your deal memo or CPLF), and it has been determined that you have met the directors guild membership requirements, you will receive your DGA membership card and information package for new members.

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