Trial Lawyers

Freiman Law’s Los Angeles Trial Lawyers handle laboremployment, class action and personal injury matters.  A trial lawyer will handle all aspects of your case and will provide you with the personalized attention and experience you deserve.  Freiman Law’s Los Angeles trial lawyers will answer your questions and give you an honest answer about the merits of your case with a free consultation and case evaluation

Other employment law firms may pass you off to a non-trial lawyer or paralegal whose sole job it is to screen calls for the firms attorneys.  This person may or may not be a Los Angeles trial lawyer. However, when you call Freiman Law, you will speak with our Los Angeles Trial Lawyers to determine whether your matter is best suited for a free comprehensive telephone consultation or a free in-person consultation.

Many attorneys in California do not like to try cases in front of a jury and try to settle cases for whatever they can get before going to trial.

Contact the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers at Freiman Law today at (310) 917-1024 or via the form on the right.  We look forward to hearing from you and will provide you with the attention and respect that you deserve.