Rapper Attorney

As a rapper, you will be facing many legal decisions concerning your contracts with record companies; record producers; personal managers; agents; business managers; publicists; television networks; movie studios; club owners; as well as all the contracts involved with going on tours.  In order to protect your interests and to make sure your legal rights are protected, you should speak to a Rapper Attorney who is an experienced entertainment attorney.

A Rapper Attorney is an attorney who knows how the music industry (and the rest of the entertainment industry) works; what to watch out for in contracts; and how to get you the best deals possible.

You will be facing decisions concerning the deal points in your contracts with record companies and other entertainment companies as well as your contracts with your personal manager and the others mentioned above.  A Rapper Attorney can guide you through these contracts and let you know what will best for you and your career and then fight for you to get you the best contracts possible.

Rapper Attorney, Richard Freiman, an experienced entertainment attorney, will protect your legal interests, guide you through your contracts, and fight for what’s best for you. Contact Rapper Attorney, Richard Freiman, at (310) 917-1024 or via the form on the right for a free case evaluation.