Santa Monica Personal Injury

Freiman Law handles cases involving all types of injuries and we will help you obtain the maximum compensation possible. If you have been injured in any type of accident, you should contact Freiman Law immediately to explore your legal rights and determine the steps you should take. As Santa Monica Personal Injury Lawyers, we offer personalized attention, personally handling all aspects of your case, from inception to completion, that very few other firms can match.

The following list summarizes some of the different claims that Santa Monica Personal Injury attorneys at Freiman Law handles for its clients:

Accident Related Injuries

If you were struck by another vehicle and you were injured, it is important to seek the proper medical attention immediately and especially as soon as you feel pain.  Permanent and serious injuries do not always result in immediate pain or manifest themselves visually.  It is not uncommon to be unaware of the extent of your injuries for hours, days or weeks after your accident.  It is always important to follow your doctor’s orders including taking time off of work, using braces or crutches, using medications and follow-up care.

If you do not have the funds to procure proper medical care, many medical providers will treat you on a lien.  A medical lien is a way for medical providers to treat you on the condition that they get re-paid first for the value of their services out of any settlement or jury verdict you receive.  This means that the amount of money you ultimately may receive will be reduced by the value of the medical provider’s lien.  If you do not receive any settlement or the amount of the settlement is insufficient to cover the cost of the lien, you will be personally responsible for the deficiency.  This is why it is important to contact the Santa Monica Personal Injury attorneys at Freiman Law immediately.

Many individuals that are injured in car accidents contact the at-fault driver’s insurance company and give a recorded statement.  While you should always report the accident to your own insurance company, you should never give an oral or written statement to an insurance company until you have consulted with a lawyer.   Any type of statement could be detrimental to your case.  This is why you should contact an attorney before deciding to represent yourself.  Insurance companies love to take recorded statements immediately after the accident since they know that you are more vulnerable immediately after an accident and also probably have not spoken to a lawyer.  You should politely, but firmly, tell the insurance company that you will not be giving any statement. Once you have an attorney, the insurance company can no longer contact you.  It is therefore important to contact an attorney before you give any type of recorded statement.  The adverse insurance company does not have your best interests in mind when trying to resolve your claim.

There are many times when it may not make sense to hire an attorney.  At Freiman Law, we will give you an honest evaluation and tell you if you do not need a Santa Monica Personal Injury Lawyer to handle your matter.

The Santa Monica Personal Injury attorneys at Freiman Law have handled numerous personal injury matters.  Since we have worked for insurance companies in the past, Freiman Law is well equipped to handle the personal injury issues that may arise.  There are many different questions you should ask of your Santa Monica Personal Injury Lawyer.  For example, you should find out how many cases he or she has handled, whether he or she has had experience with jury trials or bench trials and whether they will negotiate in your best interest to obtain the maximum compensation possible. The Santa Monica Personal Injury attorneys at Freiman Law will fight hard for you to help you obtain the best possible result.

Many personal injury claims can become time-barred and it is imperative that you do not sit on your claims. Contact us today at 310-917-1024 or via the form on the right to see if the Santa Monica Personal Injury attorneys at Freiman Law will handle your case and get you the maximum compensation possible.